Atheist Arguments

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I have had some arguments made against the truth of my faith in Christ, but they seem to be getting worse. As a former atheist myself, I have always made myself available to those seeking truth who have honest questions. I have questions too, sometimes.

However, most of my discussions or debates with non-believers have been very respectful. Even when we do not agree, we need not be disagreeable.

Lately, I am concerned about a trend in these discussions. The arguments are getting, well, silly. It was not always so. I enjoy a good give and take about truth.

For instance, both believers and non believers have questions that are not answered in most churches:

-When were the dinosaurs alive? Do they really appear in the Bible?

-Who did Cain marry?

-Why does a good God allow suffering in the world?

However, here are some recent naïve quotes from those I have witnessed to:

“Jesus is only one of multiple figures in history and religion, and was not unique.”

Jesus was and is the most unique figure in history. Born unlike anyone else (virgin born Son of God), lived unlike anyone else (healed the blind, lived perfectly, forgave sins) then and died unlike anyone else (only stayed dead 3 days as He promised). So, yeah, except for the way he was born lived and died, nothing unique here at all.

“The sign of a fish became the symbol of Christianity is because Jesus was a Pisces.”

This was really said by a college student. He thought he sounded smart.

“We do not know what the original Greek in the New Testament actually said.”

Lots of Greeks scholars and preachers will be shocked that they do not know the language or the text they studied all their adult lives. We have many thousand manuscripts that date to near the time of the writing of the New Testament.

“Jesus was a vegetarian and where the Bible says He ate fish, it meant ‘relish.’”

The same Greek word used in these passages is used in connection with dragging in nets of fish. Vegans sometimes use that argument to support their lifestyle. But, unless the fisherman also went fishing for relish, Jesus ate fish.

“All religions are the same.”

As mentioned above, Christianity is as different as its Founder. From Hindu to Buddhism, and Mormanism to Islam, a person’s soul must find its way to a pleasant place through works of some kind. There is no other religion that ever purports to assert that God’s own Son did the work that we could not, and invites anyone of any race or age to just trust in Him for salvation.

He invites you….

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