Galilee Cemetery near Memphis Lawsuit for Horrors

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Galilee Memorial Garden’s Cemetery ALLEGED Abuses Abound

Jemar Lambert is in jail, and grieving families are reeling from the alleged abuses that apparently took place at Galilee Cemetery in Bartlett, Tennessee:

-Abuse of corpses;
-Stacking caskets in the same gravesite;
-Burying more bodies in an already full cemetery;
-Crushing caskets with a backhoe;
-Breach of contract to bury remains;
-Unauthorized burying on other’s land.

Way back in 2010, the State of Tennessee said the Cemetery was full. But so-called “burials” continued uninterrupted until January, 2014, when the State shut down the cemetery.

A receiver, the well-respected U.S. Attorney David Kustoff, has been appointed to take over what can only be described as a “crime scene.”

Many families were apparently asked to leave following funerals before the casket was lowered into the grave. If this strikes you as odd, that’s because it is. I have spoken at seven funerals, including that of my own mom and dad, and the final act of the funeral director was to put the flowers on the mound of dirt. This apparently, did not happen in many cases at Galilee Cemetery.

Some multi-million dollar lawsuits seeking certification as a class have been filed. However, no one is sure which, if any, will be certified as a class at this point. Breach of contract with both the cemetery and funeral directors seem actionable.

But the effects on the families may not be fully remedied by that award. Punitive damages may also be awarded if things are as they now appear to be. However, emotional distress is very subjective claim for damages, and that may make some of the class actions harder to certify.

In some cases, individual cases may offer a better alternative than class action, even if a class is certified. Classes always have an opt-out option.
Grieving families contacting me are all telling very similar stories. It is a nightmare on top of an incalculable loss.