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Cases of Nursing Home neglect and abuse make me more mad and sad than just about any other cases I handle.

It has been said that a society can be judged by how well we treat the helpless and the aged. If true, our society is failing.

Over and over, we see some Nursing Homes employ too few folks, and often no care is given to those needing it most.

Bedsores or “pressure sores” range form small red marks, to blister, to craters to actual holes, where you can see the bone and muscle underneath (stage 4). They should not happen and progress to that point!

Check loved ones by looking at their heels (take the socks off!) and having them rolled to see their sacral area. This is the region of the lower back and their bottom. This is a bad spot because fecal waste gets into it.

If sores are found , photograph them and raise Cain with the staff. In one case, the sores lead to death from sepsis (infection) in less than 9 weeks!

This should not happen. Lawyers and lawsuits will eventually cost the Nursing Homes enough to improve care. Will it happen into time to protect you?

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