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Imagine loosing your son in a tragic car accident. It is the stuff nightmares are made of. It happened to a businessman in 2001, and he had to deal not only with the loss of his beloved son, but the handling of a complex wrongful death case as well.

At some point, a settlement was reached between several insurance companies, and the checks were cashed. Closed case? Not so fast.

Apparently, there was still a dispute as to whether one particular policy applied to the deceased, and others in the car that survived appealed that issue. It had to be decided by a higher court on appeal, and that decision was handed down recently. They ruled the father had pay the other survivors some of the money back.

To protest what he felt was an unfair decision, he had a flatbed truck leave four tons $150,000 in quarters in the other lawyer’s parking lot!

He’s not the only one. One man reportedly received a $310.50 bill from city hall for having to cut his grass. The homeowner thought the bill was far too high, so he collected 31,050 pennies, weighing 170 lbs. and dutifully delivered them to City Hall.

Another fellow, mad about a parking ticket, paid his fine by writing a check on a strip of toilet paper.

Not to be outdone, the owner of a monument business once had a forklift deliver his check, etched in a ton of granite, to his local authorities.

Before you get any ideas, the city judges in most of these cases held these folks in contempt and fined them substantially more for their expressions of protest. Still, though, there is something satisfying about paying of a credit card and sending 25 cents extra, thereby costing them 44 cents to mail you a check back for the quarter.