Pharmacy Errors Kill

In Malpractice by @PeelLawFirm

Medication is engineered to be powerful. Small pills with concentrated ingredients can have a huge effect.

Usually, these effects are intended to help us.

But truthfully, we as consumers place an awful lot of faith and trust in the doctors who prescribe and the pharmacists who dispense these medications. These highly trained professionals are all human, and therefore sometimes make errors. These include drug interactions, filling errors and the like.

Pharmacy errors can have fatal results.

Consider a pharmacist who reads a .75 milligram does as 7.5 milligram dose. That is a dose ten times the intended amount!

Or, consider a pharmacy tech who drops the wrong prescription bottle in the patient’s bag. The error may be discovered only after the death of the patient.

Please, check the bottles you or your loved ones receive. If the drug is new, look it up on drug sites and make sure they match the color, size and imprint. Check the match.

Drugs strong enough to require prescriptions can kill. I have seen that in cases I am involved with.

If you have any questions, ask. Let’s help stop the errors.

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