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Longtime readers will know that I always recommend carrying lots of Uninsured Motorists/Underinsured Motorists (UM) Auto insurance coverage. It is a combination coverage, and both are included under the term “UM.”

Why Uninsured?
Because this is the policy that you will turn to in a hit and run, or if you are hit by a fleeing criminal.

Why Underinsured?
Because you have more money available to you in the event of a tragic accident.
Example: Woman Driving drunk plows into you from behind. You have a broken shoulder blade and a punctured lung.
Your medical bills: $41,00.00
Your lost wages at work: $8,900.00
She has $25,000.00 of insurance (normal in Tennessee). If that is all you have, then the most you can receive in this example is $25,000.00

But what if you have $100,000.00 of UM?
You would recover all of the$100,00.00 (25K form her, and 75K from your carrier.) That is why UM is so important.
It is not usually too expensive either, especially with older cars. Call your agent and make sure you and your family have plenty of this coverage. Some agents will say it is not important. They do not see what I see everyday. — David Peel

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